The Paranormal Intervention

Terra Nova, Falling Skies, Continuum - all these TV series seem to have one underlying and unifying message. As if - boring and purposeless banality of our daily lives, the great acceleration sweeping our society making it restless and stressed often unnecessarily, infinite greed and desire slow-poisoning the entire planet disrupting its delicate ecology, encroachment of corporations with burgeoning power and influence feeding on endless and soul-crushing politics - are so perplexing, so entrenched and so insurmountable that some paranormal, supernatural, mystical or fictional forces have to intervene to redirect our attention back to basics - sustainability, small community
living with simplicity at its core, empathy and co-operation, scientific curiosity to know and explore Mother Nature by harmoniously coexisting with Her offerings, - choices once established us as Homo Sapiens far superior to any other species.