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Data Visualization and Artificial Intelligence

Authorship via Kindle

Writing a book to be published via KDP


It's a nutrition platform which recommends recipes based on your conditions (diabetes, hypertension etc.), goals (weight loss etc.), allergies (gluten, shellfish etc.) and lifestyles. For a deeper personalised care, the platform connects you with expert Nutritionists & Dietitians.
concept, design, product-management, business-model, startup


Experience yoga classes, events & retreats - Anywhere

concept, design, product-management

  • Follow your passion. 
Run your own yoga 
studio from 

  • Search and join a 
yoga class of your 

  • Be part of a larger 
community & events

  • Book fantastic yoga retreats & tours


Uber for Cleaners

MVP, startup


Helped build Stacey, MVP version of the admin backend -

  • Ruby Rails 4 project on job booking (recurring and one-off), scheduling and resource management.
  • Good-looking Bootstrap 3 theme
  • Customized fullcalendar-rails
  • Wordpress Gravity Form integration
  • Role-based access
  • Import from Google Calendar


Dead Simple 2D Game Prototyping Over Cloud – mixow.com

concept, product-management, startup, interaction-design



Physics-enabled Gaming Engine


A much-needed wrapper over Box2D for RaphaelJS. Newton.JS is not supposed to be a complete game engine, although the game-loop, behaviors has creeped in the code. This has been extracted from Mixow


This project has been inspired from RaphaelJS creator Dmitry's awesome presentation at Sydney, 2011 -


From Ideation to Execution - A Single Platform To Engage Your Team goachiev.com

concept, product-management, startup, employee-engagement, human-resource

GoAchiev is an innovation management (ideation) tool which helps companies and businesses to drive innovation by idea collaboration,
voting (mini-StackOverFlow), idea visualisation by a mockup-editor (mini-Balsamiq), idea life-cycle management and executing them through a goal/task management platform completing the whole sequence from Ideation to Execution.


A Facebook Game of Treasure Hunting - TreasureIsle

social-gaming, scalability


Treasure Isle was a browser-based video game by Zynga for Facebook, launched in April 2010. It allowed users to dig for treasure hopping over various islands (much like pirates :)

Cloud Performance Measurement and Optimization in Zynga - zPerfmon

optimization, scalability

  • Enjoyed working on Amazon EC2's Xen VM to optimize network throughput for Zynga Games
  • Initially contributed to the development of a home-brew APM (Application Performance Monitoring) infrastructure for
    Zynga Games, called zPerfmon

Contact Center on Cloud - 3CLogic


In this VoIP startup, I've played more of a Tech Leadership role. Me and my wonderful team-mates have developed a complex P2P/SIP-based Customer Support System system (Various Dialers, Predictive Dialer, Outbound IVR, Inbound Call Routing, Call Queue Handler, Voice Mail etc.) built with a tech stack of PJSIP/C/DCOM/.NET. I've also worked in AMD (Answering Machine Detection) and Tone Detection algorithms in the soft-DSP (Intel IPP based) stack integrated with
our PJSIP stack.

Within a whisker (3 years) we have created and matured our core product and got a million $ deal frozen with Indian Telecommunication Giant. Smaller leads had also poured through. 3CLogic was my first start-up experience and greatly helped me to pursue an entrepreneurial career down the road.