Market Research For BumpedIn: Bump for LinkedIn

Recently Google has acquired the hugely popular app - Bump and discontinued it

This creates a product opportunity for a nifty little networking app similar to Bump. Instead it will focus on business contact exchange and linkedin networking over at physical congregations or meet-ups. Of course there are similar Business Card exchange app, but this has couple of unique differentiators -

  1. Unique, physical Bump gesture

  2. Works offline. When offline or no internet connectivity, it should leverage Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) or Peer-To-Peer Wifi ad-hoc networking to register exchange of contact (assuming already signed in with LinkedIn) and when internet becomes available, issue appropriate LinkedIn API call to finish the operation.

  3. Works across iPhone or Android, just like FireChat

Monetisation can be done by restricting number of bumps -

  • Recluse - X (=25 Bumps/Month) - Free
  • Outgoing - Y (=120 Bumps/Month) - $Z/month
  • Networking Guru (Unlimited Bumps/month) - $29/month