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Engineering Leader & Entrepreneur having 11 years of experience in Software Product Engineering, spent 6 years in trenches of software startups. Founder. Builder of 3 products. Known for passion and commitment. Strong interest in “Machine Learning” especially with it’s application in equity research, healthcare and customer intelligence.

Strong interest in Investment Finance esp. in Equity Research (screening and portfolio construction) and Quantitative Analysis through Machine Learning

Currently designing a HealthTech product called BeyondCalories( and falling in love with Yoga through

In past I was Founder of GoAchiev, have built a innovation management (ideation) tool which helps companies and businesses to drive innovation by idea collaboration, voting (mini-StackOverFlow), idea visualization by a mockup-editor (mini-Balsamiq), idea life-cycle management and executing them through a goal/task management platform completing the whole sequence from Ideation to Execution. Have built a “GameMaker for Cloud” called Mixow which helped designers and producers to design simple games without writing lots of throw-away code.

My interests include -

  • Product Design / UX
  • Machine-Learning / Natural Language Processing / Data Visualization
  • Wellness / Neuroscience
  • Equity Research and Investment Finance

Deferred PhD offer in Computer Science @ UNSW. Thinking about pursuing Master of Statistics instead.

Social Impact

I love building those products which demonstrate a positive impact on our society. Products and services that empower people to improve upon their Health, to have affordable and quality Education, to uplift Quality of Life and to proceed towards a Greener Earth - are dearest to me.

I also love helping young people like you in your pursuit of success or happiness, sharing whatever I learned on my way. Although there is no shortcuts to success and happiness, there are definitely some patterns that we have re-discovered again and again. There are definitely some avenues to avoid. I can help you to accelerate your career, to become an entrepreneur and to garner happiness in your life. Drop me a line on [bose dot debasish at]