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Ethical Challenges of Asset Allocation

Introduction For a long time economic and financial models have been crafted and maintained with a rather naive and perilous assumption - this artificial and complex system of economy and associated investments is completely detached from the impact of social inequality, environmental deterioration and corporate malfeasance. Even though financial pundits would like to convince us about the infinite nature of assets and extreme financial assets like “Synthetic” collateralised debt obligations (CDO) tried to create financial assets rather creatively, assets of
- Ethical Challenges of Asset Allocation

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The Paranormal Intervention

Terra Nova, Falling Skies, Continuum - all these TV series seem to have one underlying and unifying message. As if - boring and purposeless banality of our daily lives, the great acceleration sweeping our society making it restless and stressed often unnecessarily, infinite greed and desire slow-poisoning the entire planet disrupting its delicate ecology, encroachment of corporations with burgeoning power and influence feeding on endless and soul-crushing politics - are so perplexing, so entrenched and so insurmountable that some paranormal,
- The Paranormal Intervention

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4th Industrial Revolution: Don't Tech Your Kids HTML5 Yet

As covered in Economics 101 for Engineers, technology-driven commoditization has just started. Even though I'm a huge proponent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, AI-powered 4th Industrial Revolution is going to expand the circumference of social inequality. Eventually (by 2065 ?), Fine Arts / Humanities will rise from ashes empowered by deep human qualities like Empathy which, fortunately, is hard enough to automate. Consequently, an inherent discrimination prevailing at university curriculum would also dissolve away. Liberal Arts is a fantastic way to
- 4th Industrial Revolution: Don't Tech Your Kids HTML5 Yet

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Alluvial Plot For Readers Journey

Using R + SiteCat API (ex. QueuePathing) + Sketch, came up with an alluvial plot for critical reader's journey with path no deeper than 3. Next step would be to extend this to arbitrary path-length without using Sketch for annotations (using D3 instead). Code require("alluvial") || install_github("mbojan/alluvial") library(alluvial) date.from <- "2016-03-18" <- "2016-05-18" key_metric <- "pageviews" element <- "prop8" paths_of_interest <- vector(mode = "list") paths_of_interest[
- Alluvial Plot For Readers Journey

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